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SLS Energy Private Limited (SLS Energy)

Company Home

The Company Home section gives you a snapshot of all the existing and upcoming projects of SLS Energy Private Limited.

It breaks up the 1320 MW of capacity, 1 Projects and 2 Units by current project status and fuel type.

Analyze what percentage of SLS Energy projects are Commissioned, Under Construction, Under Implementation and Under Planning. Also get a flavor of the company's fuel strategy by understanding their current and projected fuel mix.

Installed Capacity

Get a unit level handle of all the plants of SLS Energy Private Limited with geographical details, plant level capacity, play across various fuel types. Understand project by project capacity and in one shot get a sense of total installed capacity. Use our advanced filtering and charting options to analyze the universe of power plants by state, location, fuel type, capacity, auxiliary consumption etc.

Track the company's capacity addition schedule since inception and how aggregate capacity for SLS Energy has progressed each year.

Plant Performance

By analyzing the plant performance of SLS Energy Private Limited, you can get a strong and clear sense of performance at the company, project and unit level. Analyze key operational metrics such as Generation (annual,monthly), Plant Load factor (PLF), Forced outages, Availability, Reserve Shut down etc. Also benchmark these plants against competition getting a sense on how SLS Energy is performing against competition.


Know about the fuel consumption of existing plants of SLS Energy Private Limited over the years along with source of supply, fuel linkage, efficiency, mode of transport and generation loss due to fuel shortage.

Also for upcoming plants you get to know the type and status of fuel contract SLS Energy has made to meet its fuel obligations.

Equipment Configuration

Understand how the preferred main plant supplier for SLS Energy Private Limited. Get detail unit by unit equipment suppliers for main plant such as Boiler, Turbine. Get a sense of whether SLS Energy preferred suppliers are indigenous players such as BHEL or foreign players such as SEPCO, Doosan, Shanghai Electric etc. Also understand design and operating heat rate for these plants.

Price of Power Sale

Get a sense on the price at which SLS Energy Private Limited sells power at the project level and compare this over time. This will also give a strong sense of comparison of pricing structure (Paise/Unit) of various power plants both at the level of SLS Energy and company.


This section gives detailed Clearance Status of all the upcoming plants of SLS Energy Private Limited.

It includes clearance of land, water, environment, fuel, LOA status, allocation of captive blocks, financial closure, power sale and breakup of upcoming capacity of SLS Energy according to clearance received.


Here you can get detailed information about Letter of Assurance granted to SLS Energy Private Limited like number of units of plants and their capacity for which LOA has been granted, linkage quantity, SLC (LT) meeting date and date of issue of LOA.

Captive Blocks

This section lists all the captive blocks allocated to SLS Energy Private Limited. It also gives information about the captive block owners, percentage ownership and the plants of SLS Energy to which these blocks have been allocated.

Environment Clearance

Know the timeline of the processes involved in Environment Clearance given to SLS Energy Private Limited by Ministry of Environment and Forest.

This timeline includes date of consideration of TOR, award of TOR, date of Environment Clearance application, consideration of application and award of Environment Clearance to SLS Energy.


Get an overview of Future Installed Capacity of SLS Energy Private Limited in the next 5 years and aggregate capacity post FY17.

Further the breakup of future capacity of SLS Energy is shown by fuel type to get an estimate of its fuel requirements in future.